Membership Privileges

  1. Can receive Society information, including announcement of study meetings.
  2. Can present study results at study meetings.
  3. Can contribute to the Society's journal "Japanese Journal of Farm Management" (by paying contribution fee separately).
  4. Members who have contributed to the development of studies on farm management will be commended.

Annual Membership Fee

Each fiscal year (FY) begins on August 1 and ends on July 31 of the following year.

Regular members: 8,000 yen / FY

Student members: 4,000 yen / FY

Student members with the time limite: 10,000 yen / 3 FY

* Regular members include "those who have acquired an expertise in farm management, those who have a practical experience in farm management, and instructors". Student members include "students on the register of a college or equivalent school, and who pay membership fees (including students of graduate schools)" [according to the rules of the Society]. However, those who are on the register of a college (graduate school) while having full Society membership status will be treated as regular members.

Procedures for Application for Membership

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